What we deliver

On your wedding day, a celebration of love dedicated to the unique bond between you and your partner, we recognize that this connection is no mere coincidence. It is the culmination of a meaningful journey, a story that belongs solely to you and your love. Our role is to skillfully encapsulate this narrative, ensuring it is preserved in the most captivating manner for you to revisit time and time again.


We achieve this by expertly documenting those one-of-a-kind moments, from the heartfelt embraces with your parents to the tears and laughter shared. We also meticulously capture every detail you've thoughtfully chosen for your special day. Our belief is that, upon revisiting the video, the full spectrum of emotions should resurface, even two decades down the road. This is why we specialize in crafting wedding films that are both unique and timeless, with a keen focus on evoking genuine emotion.


wedding film

The whole wedding edited in chronologically ordered, ±1:30 hour documentary. Great to watch how the day went exactly with all the highlights including that of the ceremony and the speeches.


Ideal to watch with just the two of you, with friends and family.

Wedding highlights

A 3-5 minute highlight clip, a harmonious blend of visuals, music, and vocals meticulously crafted to create a perfect synergy that encapsulates the emotions of your special day. This clip serves as a poignant reminder, enabling you to revisit and experience the emotions of your wedding day repeatedly.


It's not only ideal for personal enjoyment but also for sharing with friends and family.


Full ceremony and speeches


Haven’t had enough of the ±1:30 hour documentary film? Or do you just want to see the whole ceremonie or what was exactly said during the speeches? We can provide you with a separate edit.