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Imola & Lóránt – wedding highlights

Imola and Lóránt have chosen a unique historical venue for their wedding. The Teleki Castle from Gernyeszeg built at the end of the 18th century by Count László Teleki is a representative example of the Baroque-style architecture in Transylvania. We reached the castle through the former drawbridge across the ditch, which added a note of intimacy to the event – especially thanks to the amazing English garden at the back of the castle. The guests were amazed by the impressive interior of the building with its old doors, original stoves and great Murano chandeliers covered by elegant wedding decorations. Through their special wedding ceremony, Imola and Lóránt showed us the former glory of this exclusive venue.

Film made in collaboration with Misa.
Wonderful wedding photos by Attila Hajos.
Audio credits: Yonderboi_Come_On_Progeny
Decor: Vanilla Events