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Lisboa – 2016

Here are the photos from Vali!

Thinking about what we could drink in the shadow

Group selfie with 3 other tourists

Bearboss / Bărboss

The sun is shining after 3 beers (chillout place Quiosque Ribeira das Naus)

I’m from France, who is from France? – asked the street musician and continued to sing

Busted with SUPER BOCK

Ohhh jahh: Pastéis De Nata (local dessert)

Nice building 🙂

– Yes you can have my glasses, they look much better on you

– Establishing the new record of highway building (GO GO VALI!)

Morning walk to the fishmarket!

– Let’s go, Dorada is waiting us!

Who needs a selfie stick?

– I asked my ophthalmologist to put all the necessary filters in my glass to protect my eye. Real proof that selfie is unhealthy.

PARADONTAX: I haven’t known that Vali’s teeth are slightly whiter than mine.

Gulbenkian had a good taste, he was a collectionner, armenian and rich, very rich.

Only art

Fat cat in the museum

Illegal chines restaurant in Rua Benformoso near Martim Moniz Metro station

While Vali was on Facebook messenger we were at a concert. Thnaks to him we met armenians.

Illegal food

Illegal place



We found Lexi, our tour guide who came to Lisboa 10 month ago and remained here.

Lexi hasn’t shared too much info about Lisboa, but she was extremly nice and funny

The free tour headquarter office.

Lexi is guiding and telling us about James Bond and Lisboa.

LEXI WAS BETRAYED. We sold our loyalty  for 2 beers and a sangria, the group left without us.

Don’t shorten your way in Lisboa with GPS, it will torture you with climbing on a hill!

I always use protection while I make a selfie. (safe glasses with filter)

It’s unclear … what is Vali thinking about (“Nimeni nu stie ce e in inima mea” by Tamango)

Right to the point

We don’t know much about surfing, so we went home, really!

I always had the feeling I’m drunk when we went home. The stairs were so perpendicular that I went up on all fours using my arm.

Fresh shrimps from market!

The time when Hungary – Belgium was 0-0

Must be a tourist attraction, some very first thing.

Magnum pleasure store


Night fest on a square

Metro station

Mercado Da Ribeira Nova – the food court of the FISH and VEGI market

COD fish

Vali: Iarasi e bine!

Carcavelos beach where the teen maffia spends his time

From left to right: VIII. B, a french family, dutch familiy, lesbian couple, X. C, IX. D, VI. A

Atlantic water temperature vs. Zsögödi Strand ( Score: 1-1)

Gulbenkian was also an authorized gasoline dealer. For real.

Shrimps are gray when you buy it, they become red after cooking it.

Pelesu, bine ca esti tu destept!

Flea market

Social criticism

Metro station

Lisboa old city museum (the museum was old too unfortunately)

Before the big earthquake

Two hundred years ago migrants cleaned fish in the kitchen and it wasn’t a big deal (black lady in the left)


After sand storm – Gabor – Vali (11-0)

Sand storm face

Sand storm face

Sand storm face

On the Fish market

I swear I’ll share my fish! Score: Gabor-Vali (6-0)

Bairro Alto has 250 pubs.

Partially true!

In a shop window.

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