Electric Castle – 2017

Facebook mess:
Fekete: Look the tent I’ll be using this year!
Gábor: Is this waterproof, has only one layer?
Fekete: Now is waterproof, and has an extra layer too!
God bless you Vali for having a yellow pass in sector 3.
You have to admit, it look way more original than with Playboy posters. Must be a Gradma somewhere.
Newly weds say to each other!
It’s the first picture of us like this.  Must have been two who made a picture from the look of Agota.
It just didn’t work. Maybe the glasses were weak.

SMS: We are at the main stage, left side of the mixer, 8m. I shall raise both of my hands when you are around and giv me a beep.
The cutest message: I am ok Mom, don’t worry!
Szili was once again faster then me and made our first ever selfie in secret. The picture wen’t first to the USA servers, than to Adam in Zürich and got back to me 🙂

That troll in the back did well, but Gaborka unique Joker smile makes everything look great.

Very old friends from student time. Odi and Ana. EC starts to be like Tusványos. You go there also to meet those who you won’t meet during the year.
Thank you Samsung for the babie face skin, we look so natural. #NoFilter (Was that guy looking to us in the middle?


Szili experiencing the impossible. Haven’t seen anybody there who crossed it without falling. (Had to take out my drunken bullshit sound)

I did more selfies during EC than in the whole year.

Office view in the morning after EC. The cat came back, must be some new food here. He ate all the birds from 2 nest last month.
Brunch with Dana between 2 working hours.

Fanni is sleeping. Dad and Mom are having fun at EC.

Once again Samsung. I had to put some grain in post  so we don’t look as washed.

Everybody with it’s most sexy look. Maxiiiiiiii

Paul on the stage with Papagal glasses. Sing to us.
I asked them to be like this 🙂

I could look at this robots for hours.

Beer-coffe, a new way of living and dancing.

There are several reasons why I haven’t made this picture.
Morning coffe at Olivo.
Andrei is cool at a cool place. Looks like the cover photo of a new PC game.
Here is Andrei … and two girls + a man looking at us.
Agota performing in lights, making music.
When you ask somebody to make this picture and he doesn’t listen you from where is the perfect spot.
Agota takes over and makes it happen.
I have only put this picture so it’s not a selfie or group photo.
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